Products and Resources

ESN Membership and the ESN Hub

All ESN members have access to the ESN Hub, an online resource centre from which members can access, use, download and/or customise practical safety compliance, management and training resources and information to suite their school's particular requirements.

The ESN MEMBERS' Hub includes: 
Main REsource Centre

A wealth of school safety policy; planning; risk, incident and emergency management; consultation, training and review documents, tools and programs.

Safety Legislation Look-up

Legal reference portal, with access to safety Acts, Regulations, Codes and prescribed Standards information, by jurisdiction and subject, to help schools identify and review legal requirements.   

Safety e-Learning Suite

School-relevant safety e-Learning courses (safety induction, consultation, risk management, manual task safety, due diligence). Verifiable training records and reports on request.   

safetyAudit Tools

Range of safety compliance, risk,  management system and practice audit tools to help schoolsidentify, report, correct and monitor school safety management gaps.   

Network Q&A Forum

Online discussion forum and Q&A post, allowing Members to query the ESN Member network for practical advice and answers to safety questions, problems and emerging issues.  

ESN e-News Service

Regular safety update service helps Members keep current with, and respond to, school- and education-relevant safety alerts, news, cases, research and developments.

Personalised support

The ESN Hub service includes support for Members accessing, navigating and using the ESN Hub. Additional WHS services are also available to support Members' specific WHS requirements.     

Tailored Safety Management solutions

ESN also offers members the additional option of their own safety management system solution, customised to suit their needs, whether for an online Safety Management System, plug-in modules for an existing management system, or a School Building Project Safety System.

school Management solution options include:   

User-friendly, tailored, ESN-hosted safety management systems, supported by customised ESN Hub content, mobile safety reporting and management review panel.      

School building Project safety systems 

Easy-to-use school building project safety systems, with mobile safety reference and reporting, and project management and review.

modules for other systems

Members can select from ESN's range of safety support modules to customise, link into and leverage their own safety or compliance management systems.